Bumpa Mats

Bumpa mats are used throughout the commercial early learning/education sector which is testament to their safety, quality and durability. We have recently extended their wholesale pricing direct to the public, so now everyone can enjoy quality at affordable prices.

To supply the commercial child care market, Bumpa mats need to adhere to strict safety guidelines. Please be assured, they are non-toxic, ie. no formamide, phthalates or BPA.

NOTE: low prices do not equal an inferior product, our business model is sell more for less. Please be mindful of alternative brands charging unnecessary inflated prices.

In addition, the below bullet points will clarify some frequently asked questions

  • Bumpa mats are manufactured with embossed, cushioned PVC.
  • Non slip ~ great for all floor surfaces including timber, tiles, lino, carpet, grass, concrete, patios.
  • This product may contain minimal odour when first opened, but it will disperse (they are non toxic so the smell is not indicative of harmful substance, only they have been packaged for some period of time).
  • Some wrinkles may be present when the product is first opened due to packaging however, these will disappear due to the excellent elasticity of the PVC characteristic.
  • If the surface becomes dirty, wipe with a wet soft cloth. Strong chemical cleaners may damage the surface.
  • Be careful not to damage the surface with sharp objects including toys etc
  • Please avoid using vacuum with rotational brush on the surface of the mat. Steam mop is ok.
  • Please avoid direct contact with heat.
  • Non toxic, BPA, Phathlate and Formamide free.
  • Hygienic, great for allergy sufferers.
  • Water resistant. Bumpa mats can withstand numerous accidents from little ones, a damp sponge or even a light spray from a hose, but they are not waterproof so cannot be immersed in water for long periods or left out in the rain.

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